5 Tips For New Caregivers

June 17th, 2013

1. Be patient. It’s important to be patient with elderly people. When you walk with them, don’t walk at the pace you normally walk at, slow down your pace and politely ask if they would like your help.

2. Be Respectful. Show respect by giving them their space and privacy when they want it. If they are in need of assistance in the bathroom, make sure to help them but also be sure to close the door when they are going to the bathroom. The same rule applies, treat others how you would like to be treated.

3. Get to know them and their family. It is important that you understand the elderly person’s needs, interests, and background. It doesn’t mean you have to do a huge background check on them but its important to understand who that person is and what type of care and assistance you can provide them. Every person is different after all. Also, getting to know their family is important. Often times the family will provide much needed insight on some of the concerns or can let you know more of the things they like to do.

4. Earn their trust. Trust is something that I found to be extremely important as a caregiver. Like any relationship, you earn trust over time with them and that usually happens though a mutual love and respect relationship.

5. Be Gentle. Its important to be gentle with older people. This might sound like commonsense but you would be amazed at how many times you hear of elderly people who were handled without care and were hurt in the process.