5 Tips To Get Older Adults Active

June 17th, 2013

1. Find something their interested and build around it. Just like starting any new activity, its important to understand the interests of the elderly person and center activity around their interests. For example, if the person is interested in reading, encourage them to talk a walk where you both can read somewhere outdoors. This will provide some much needed exercise while still allowing them to enjoy it.

2. Walking is still the best low-impact exercise. Walking is still one of the best low-impact exercises for older adults. Looks for creative ways to encourage more walking throughout their day.

3. Swim if possible. When it comes to the king of low-impact exercises, swimming is still the best. Although finding a place or time to swim isn’t as practical as walking, swimming still provides a number of health benefits.

4. Do Gardening. Gardening is another activity that is low-impact but is often both fun and provides some exercise.

5. Social classes. Look for some community activities that provide low-impact exercise such as dancing. This will benefit them by providing them the health benefits as well as the much needed social interaction with others.