January 1st, 2014

I remember my first visit to a nursing home.

The unpleasant odor as you first walk in. In one hallway to my right is the shuffling of feet of an old man with his caregiver.

In a room I find three elderly people crammed together as they lay there lifeless.

It’s easy to forget our elderly…

The next minute I head to another room where I see an old lady staring out the window. The sun penetrates through the tree branches outside her window illuminating her face.

Her pale, wrinkly skin and her eyes in a deep gaze. I wondered, “What she is thinking?”

Is she reflecting on the past during her most vibrant years? Is she thinking about her family who no longer visits her?

I’m interrupted by the sound of an alarm from an elderly man in the next room.

As I rush over there I asked the nurse what happened? She tells me that he fell trying to get to the bathroom.

He was just put in the nursing home and was struggling to come to grips with no longer being independent.

When I left that day, I wasn’t filled with the joy or happiness that I had hoped I would have experienced from volunteering that day.

Instead, I was filled with the loneliness and sadness that the people and place had impressed on me.

It was as if, so many lives that were once filled with joy and hope had been taken away, leaving only a shell of the people they once were.

The worse part about it, we are contributors to this growing problem.

Amidst our busy lives, we neglect the very people who we love, who helped us or our parents or grandparents. Who made sacrifices for our family and made valuable contributions to our society.

Unfortunately, there are very few people standing up for our elderly.

This is where you come in.

The Solution

There are four main ways you can advocate and stand up for elderly.

1) Raise public awareness by sharing our page and infographics that share important information about elderly abuse, elderly loneliness and depression, elderly poverty and living conditions, etc.

2) Create a campaign to raise funds for an elderly person, elderly facility, or elderly organization in your community. Its easy to set up, fun, and a great way to make a huge impact for elderly in your community.

3) We have a growing list of organizations all around the country where you can volunteer and make a difference.

4) Fight for elderly by wearing awesome gear that gets the message out there! Every dollar spent goes towards our mission of helping and standing up for our elderly.



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