Top 5 Ways To Care For an Elderly Person

June 17th, 2013

1. It’s important to ask what they want to eat. Its normal for people’s appetites to gradually reduce as they get older and often times it becomes even more crucial that Elderly people are getting enough food and the proper nutrition.

2. Play games with them. When I was a caregiver I would often ask what games they liked to play and it became a great starting point in developing a relationship with them. It also engaged them mentally which is beneficial as elderly people have less stimulation throughout their day.

3. Read to them. I have found that many elderly people are unable to read anymore but still enjoy going through a book with a caregiver or loved one.

4. Listen to them and ask how they feel. Listening is critical in any relationship but its even more important for elderly people because many of them often have a hard time asking for help. This means that you must be diligent in listening closely to their verbal and non-verbal body language. Also, often times by just asking them they will give you an answer.

5. Treat them with respect and love. This in my opinion is the basis helping care for elderly people. When you show that you genuinely care, that you are trying your best to help and support them, they often respond lovingly back which always puts a smile on your face and theirs.



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